A Few Months Wandering.

“세월이 흐른 뒤 어렴풋하게 깨달았어요. 아니 겨우 짐작합니다. 길을 잃어봐야 자신만의 지도를 그릴 수 있다는 것을.”


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Travelling Differently – Paulo Coelho

Avoid museums. This might seem to be absurd advice, but let’s just think about it a little. If you are in a foreign city, isn’t it far more interesting to go in search of the present than the past? It’s just that people feel obliged to go to museums because they learned as children that travelling was about seeking out that kind of culture. Obviously, museums are important, but they require time and objectivity – you need to know what you want to see there, otherwise you will leave with a sense of having seen a few really fundamental things, but can’t remember what they were.

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